Ponds & Water Features

Aquaticscapes are focal points in the landscape that contribute to the feeling of a space. Loud and bold, tranquil and calm, reflective and serine. Each of these types of aquatic features has its own value, but all of them are place which draws us in for a closer look.


A pond in the landscape always creates a place of great interest. Throughout the seasons the pond is constantly changing. In spring the emerging growth of aquatic plants and increased activity of fish, frogs, snails, and birds stopping for a drink or a quick bath. Nature’s gifts are always on display as summers blooms of vibrant colored water lilies and others bring interest to the ever-changing pond. As the fall and winter seasons roll in and the pond transitions to striking fall colors and the frozen waterfalls and ponds as we anticipate the warmer seasons to come.

Pond-less Water Features

A pondless water feature offers a fantastic opportunity to create the sound of flowing and cascading water without a body of water, which can be a concern in some landscapes. Many of the aquatic plant material can still be integrated into the pondless water feature so textures and colors can still be featured and create a soothing combination of water, stone, and plant material.


With a more formal flair, the fountain can be a show stopper. In public spaces or in a private garden the sounds of cascading water and the visual effect of light reflecting off the falling water has no compare. Each scene has its own texture, from a small bubble of water to a grand show of a towering fountain, they each command an audience to stop and observe.

Rain Gardens

Drainage and erosion control systems often need an area where the excess water needs to be released to the grounds surface. In these cases a rain garden composed of wetland plant material and amended soils is used. These plants are often native plant material to wetland areas and are tolerant of the excess moisture in these drainage areas. These plants thrive on the added soil moisture and aide in the filtration of pollutant and infiltration of the moisture into the ground.

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