Hardscaping & Structures

Hardscapes and structures are the components of the landscape that create the passages, rooms, and gathering spaces in the landscape. In these spaces you may be led to places of reflection or areas to gather and relax. As designed these spaces may be viewing areas of the surrounding landscape or be spaces to sit and enjoy a private retreat with good company.


When developing a patio, a few key thoughts should be in the fore front. What are the uses of the space? How much space is truly needed for everyday use and entertaining? Who is the space being created for? All of these seem simple, but it’s how each of these is brought together that makes a patio a great space to relax or entertain.


Walkways are the keys to the flow of space. All are meant to lead you to a space of greater significance. But what you observe on the way is how you become connected to the landscape. Some walkways are designed to immerse you into the surrounding landscape and others are entrance ways and pathways which lead you to space of reflection and observation.

Walls & Retaining Walls

Walls in the landscape serve multiple purposes. Some are to divide spaces, and others are to manage grade changes. A well- used wall within the landscape will serve its purpose without being the total focus of the landscape. With the use of the right plant material when used correctly, a functional wall can be an asset beyond its intended primary use.

Custom Landscape Structures

Structures well sited in the landscape add to the texture and feel of the scene. A simple trellis with vegetation can create a focal point or screen an area and still blend into the surrounding view. A grand pergola or pavilion can invite you in to enjoy the surrounding landscape without appearing to be the only thing in the landscape. When the landscape is complete the structure should appear as part of the landscape not an addition to the landscape.

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